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John Reid Racing offers solutions that will enable you to share in the knowledge and passion of a top-class specialist on all aspects of what is a complex and heavily regulated sports industry, working as a private consultant delivering results to suit all your horseracing needs.

John Reid Racing Services

Buying a racehorse

Before you make that all-important investment, there are distinct choices that you need to consider. You could either:

A) Purchase a yearling, unknown and untested, which can result in the greatest rewards
B) Buy a horse with a proven track record that can guarantee a certain level of future success

As a current or future racehorse owner, you will have a vision of what you would like to achieve and, by working with you on a one-to-one basis, John can help and assist you when making these important decisions.

As your private consultant John will delve through a variety of scenarios and options available to you, depending on your requirements, needs and budget. John Reid Racing will:

  • Ensure that you get the best value for money
  • Increase your chance of success in the future

Identifying a racehorse trainer

John Reid Racing will also endeavor to identify and find the trainer that suits you and your horse’s needs the most. While John conducts the search he will do his utmost to ensure he introduces and steers you to a trainer (or trainers) who:

  • You can rely upon and trust to do the best for you and your prized racehorse
  • Will make the experience of owning a racehorse as enjoyable and successful as possible
  • Will make you comfortable in the knowledge that you and your horse are in the right hands

John Reid Racing guarantees that you will be advised and escorted at all times as primary introductions are made, giving you the opportunity to meet with the selected trainers, view their yards and gallops. You will also be given the opportunity to meet their staff.

Ongoing racehorse management

Once your horse has been chosen and matched with a trainer, you can take advantage of John’s ongoing services when it comes to assisting you in the management of your horse’s career. This will include:

  • Regular visits to monitor and gauge the progress of your racehorse
  • Assessment of options for races when the horse is fully trained and prepared for the circuit
  • Support for you and your horse’s racing career, watching it live, personal rides and detailed feedback on progress

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